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Assembly for B AIR V2

B NOZZLE is standard included with the B AIR V2 to use the patented Mid Air Disinfection System. The ‘MADS’ system is developed for larger spaces with an audience where air circulation needs to be taken into account. The main advantage of this installation is ensuring that the air breathed out by guests is sucked upwards by the aerodynamically-patented system. Micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses are neutralised and germ-free air is blown back into the room or venue.

When we meet up in enclosed spaces with groups of people, air disinfection will contribute to reducing infection rates. Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) published the results of tests on UVC light on the corona virus. Through scientific testing by researchers at Boston University they concluded that UVC radiation is highly effective in neutralizing the coronavirus. There is no risk of harmful radiation to people, as Luxibel carries out the UVC disinfection process within a fully-enclosed device.

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