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4 Cell DWE Stage Blinder

The B BLIND4 has built in dimmers which make this 4 cell DWE blinder special. A big advantage is the fact that you don’t need dimmer racks on the floor. Everywhere you have power and DMX, this fixture lights up the audience in many creative ways.

This product will be EOL soon. Last pieces available!

  • Indoor use
  • Lightweight
  • More creativity
  • Uses standard bulbs
  • No separate dimmers
  • Less electricity cables
Dimensions (WxHxD)

375 x 375 x 155 mm

Packaging dimensions (WxHxD)

440 x 400 x 210 mm

Nett weight

5,8 kg

Gross weight

1 bracket with 3x M10 mounting holes

2nd suspension / safety wire

1 eyebolt on the housing to pass a safety wire or carabiner

Menu Control

Via TFT 4 digit display with 4 buttons

DMX mode

1/2 channel

XLR 5 pin

4x GE Par36G53 screw MFL 120V 650W

Light output/lamp

24.000 cd

Rated life

100 hours

Lamp position

Vertical and horizontal bulb positioning

Colour temperature


Fixture rated power

2300W 13A

Input power

220 – 240V ~ 50/60 Hz

Mains connector

PowerCon TRUE 1

PowerCon TRUE 1

650W 110V wired in series per 2

Max. housing temperature


IP rating


Power cord true1


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